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Catered Fit menu

Who said that healthy meals are unavailable in public catering menu and have high prices? Catered Fit will challenge stereotypes. The restaurant has got its name due to providing balanced and develop by diet specialists meals. They offer 5 excellent plan options, which consider the basic wishes of those, who want to stay healthy and pay attention to proper nutrition.

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These are:

  • Smart plan for those, who monitor their weight
  • Meal plan for athletes. It takes into account active way of life, regular exercises and provides nutrition with more calories, carbohydrates and lean protein essential for the body.
  • Vegetarian plan, based on nutrition, which contains fresh vegetables and fruits, a complex of carbohydrates and plant protein and excludes dairy products and eggs.
  • Paleo meals, based on organic products, given by nature. It’s completely gluten-free and suitable for diabetics.
  • Pescatarian meal plan, which offers seafood in combination with protein based products.

Catered Fit prices

Catered Fit menu offers affordable prices

The primary mission of Catered Fit is to provide healthy food at affordable prices. They receive orders by call either online.

Their enrollment specialists will kindly help you to make proper choice, accomplishing your specific goals.

The restaurant emerged at home kitchen in 2010 and currently has facilities in metropolitan cities of Florida, planning to open soon their locations in California.

Catered Fit menu

Rosemary Chicken
Grilled Chicken $7.99–$47.94
Grilled Salmon $8.99–$53.94
Herb Seasoned Turkey Meat Balls $7.99–$47.94
Grilled Chicken Protein Salad/black bean/garbanzo/walnut/tomato/jack cheese $7.99

Catered Fit prices

Vegan Black Bean Lentil Salad/tomatoes/red onions/Cilantro
Vegan Black Bean & Corn Salad Quinoa/cauliflower/garbanzo/tomato/red onion $7.99
Cuban Veggie Picadillo $9.99
Veggie Enchiladas $9.99
Vegetable Pad Thai $9.99
Veggie Fajitas $9.99

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  1. FRANCESCA said:

    For those who takes care of health and concentrated on being in fit nutrition is as important as having enough exercise and improving healthy habits. Catered Fit can offer healthy food for everyone, vegans have their own menu with vegetables and fruits, the menu for sportsmen reach in protein, carbohydrates, and balanced calories for reasonable prices. It is a nice place, come here and see…Catered Fit offers a healthy menu with an option to offer catered food. People who take care of their health and are busy all the time will definitely like this restaurant. Prices are not so high and the catered menu is quite various and delicious.

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